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I've been using the beard oil and comb for about 10 days now and all I can say is - wow! What a difference beard oil makes! I am amazed at how after just the first application the itchiness and dryness disappeared. My beard, albeit relatively new and therefore short, feels soft, smells great, and looks so much better!

You've earned a lifelong client my friends. Have a blessed day!

Rob. K

I have used different "rugged" beard oil scents over the years and this one cuts them all to pieces (pun intended). If you're thinking about checking all the blocks on your man card, do not neglect to purchase this oil. It will NOT disappoint. This is one of my favorite beard oils to use, and I recommend it to the brave, the bold, the manly. 

Beard on brothers, beard on.

Brandon Kenyon

OK, so I'd just ordered my 3rd bottle of Saw Mill. I'm so addicted to this SUPER OIL. So they popped that puppy right in the mail before you could say Bob's your uncle. Sadly not all soldiers make it home… but did the BF Guys bad mouth the USPS… nope… they actually praise them for being fairly reliable... They also expedited another bottle right out… 

Jim Ware

I also appreciate what your company stands for and how you present yourselves through your videos. Let's just say some (not all) other beard companies are not quite as "clean" and "family friendly" as you are. Keep up the great work!


Beardfellows seems to provide only the best quality products. Their oils are natural and their grooming supplies are the best quality you can get... none of the cheap, imitation stuff.


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