Sawmill Whisker Wear

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Take your boots and your beard to the north country and breathe the alpine air. Hear the thunderous crack of falling trees and indulge your senses with a blast of freshly cut pine and cypress! The sounds, the saw blades, the wood chips, and the sawdust… Inhale and grab a fist full of beard! We've blended the fresh, sharp scent of Hungarian Pine and the woodsy punch of Mediterranean Cypress with a touch of Japanese Peppermint. With Sawmill Whisker Wear, you can have a face full of forest wherever you find yourself!

Our unique blend of carrier and essential oils are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and absorb quickly into facial skin, dramatically improving the health of both. The all important addition of Vitamin E, affords deep sustained conditioning, and unsurpassed whisker softening results that last and last!  

*Each 1 oz/30 ml bottle contains 100% natural, expeller pressed, therapeutic grade oils*

Carrier Oils:
  • Grapeseed
  • Argan
  • Golden Jojoba
  • Vitamin E
Essential Oils:
  • Japanese Peppermint
  • Hungarian Pine Needle
  • Mediterranean Cypress

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