Bass Boar Bristle Brush

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This amazing and versatile brush is truly the work horse of facial hair grooming and maintenance! Bass has designed an incredibly durable, perfectly sized, and very masculine accessory. The handle and body are constructed of 100% bamboo, one of the most sustainable woods on Earth, and the brush head is made of 100% wild boar bristle.

Measuring nearly 9 inches in length, with 7 rows of bristles, what sets this brush apart from the rest is the ingenious way the bristles are configured. By varying the bristle lengths, this brush effortlessly penetrates facial hair ensuring impressive results with less brushing required. Other flat and more even length boar's hair brushes often stay too shallow when brushing beards in the mid to longer lengths.

The brush head measures 5 inches in length, giving a large coverage area with each pass. The narrow width and gentle concave shape of the brush head gives complete styling control and is effective for all facial hair lengths. Boar bristle brushes create an even dispersion of natural skin and hair oils and help to lock moisture into the hair shafts, resulting in dramatically improved styling ability and a healthy shine. The Bass Boar Bristle Brush is one of the most important assets for the serious beardsman! 

Note: This beard brush is available in two different color choices: Solid brown and two-tone striped. 

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