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Made in England, Kent Combs and Brushes are among the finest in the world. With a long history of excellence in craftsmanship, this comb is no exception. Unlike most "average" combs, Kent combs are not made of molded plastic, but instead, are hand-made and saw cut to perfection. Each tooth is cut, shaped, and hand polished to remove all sharp edges and allow it to glide easily through hair while avoiding damage to skin. Conventional combs are covered with small, and sometimes noticeable burrs and sharp edges, which damage hair and skin. If you are a man of the stache, this comb is second to none for versatility and ease of styling. Every beardsman and Mustachio simply must own a Kent Mustache Comb!

 *Note: This comb may be habit forming. We take no responsibility for excessive and joyous mustache grooming

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