Large Kent Comb *Beard Rake*

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The large Kent "beard rake" comb measures nearly 8 inches in length. This comb is yet another obvious reason why Kent has been at the top of their game since 1777! Imported from England, this comb is like no other. Unlike cheap "pop out" molded plastic combs that feel sharp and can actually damage hair and skin, this comb is made from 100% cellulose acetate, a plant based plastic, versus the common petroleum based plastics most other combs are made of. The impeccable craftsmanship is clearly seen upon close inspection, but most importantly after the first use! Hand made and saw cut from one solid piece of acetate, then polished to perfection, this Kent comb glides through hair easily and wont harm underlying skin. The handle fits well in large "man hands" and the medium tooth spacing allows for effortless grooming with most facial hair lengths and thicknesses. Don't miss out on this impressive grooming tool. No kit is complete without it! 

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