About Us

Who is Beardfellows Trading  Company?

We are a small, family owned and operated business that got our start designing beard care products for our own personal use. After countless hours of research and study, we determined that there was a serious lack of helpful information as well as an abundance of misinformation regarding proper care and grooming of facial hair. We then took up our mantle and made it our mission to promote healthy practice and seek out healthy alternatives to the mass produced products available on the market today.  Since then, our brand has expanded to carry products that have been tested, tried, and found to meet our high standard of quality and functionality and will appeal to the bearded and non bearded alike.

What about our products? 

As mentioned, all of the products we offer have been brought to you through countless hours of rigorous testing and trials. Whether it be our trademark Whisker Wear beard oil, Bass Boar Bristle Brushes, or our Kent Combs, all of the items we bring to you are Beardfellows used and approved. If we sell it, we use it, and we believe in it. In fact, we believe in them so much, we unconditionally guarantee that you will too, or your money back.                                  

"What Do Your Whiskers Wear?" 

Our Commitment. 

Our commitment to you, our valued customers and supporters, is to strive first and foremost for your satisfaction. We will never leave a problem unaddressed or a solution unconsidered. Every bottle of Whisker Wear is hand mixed and filled, and each order is hand packed with care, attention, and gratitude. Our goal is to show you the highest level of respect, care, and consideration, in hopes of gaining a friend and a loyal customer for life. We welcome you all to our family and look forward to growing with you for many years to come.

But remember... You can’t know, until you grow… So grow, you know?

Be well,

The Beardfellows