Beardfellows Deluxe Beard Care Kit

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For the diehard beardsman that wants to be prepared for any beard care emergency: We present the Beardfellows Deluxe Beard Care Kit!

This kit contains everything you'll need for the care and maintenance of your beard. Each product has been rigorously tested, tried, and approved by a whole host of Beardfellows. This kit includes both our Sawmill and Quartemaster Whisker Wear beard oils, a Bass 100% Boar Hair Bristle Brush, A Kent Beard Rake, a Kent Mustache Comb, and a Kent Folding Pocket Comb. With this kit, nothing will stand in the way of a perfectly groomed beard. Except maybe, like, a lion or something.

Note: this kit does not protect against lions.

*Be sure to select Solid Brown or Two-Tone Brush when ordering your kit

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