Quartermaster Whisker Wear

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Awake from the fog of sleep like a salty sea captain piercing through the briny marine layer with Quartermaster Whisker Wear! Plot a course for the high seas and navigate through your day with confidence as you adorn your plumage with this bold citrus aroma. Experience the robust scent of Blood Orange Citrus; the invigorating essence of chopped Cedarwood, and the light, alluring undertones of Lavender. Apply this crowd favorite regularly to ensure healthier, softer, intensely conditioned beardliness. With Quartermaster Whisker Wear you'll be the captain of your day, and your beard the captain of your face!

Our unique blend of carrier and essential oils are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and absorb quickly into facial skin, dramatically improving the health of both. The all important addition of Vitamin E, affords deep sustained conditioning, and unsurpassed whisker softening results that last and last! 

*Each 1 oz/30 ml bottle contains 100% natural, expeller pressed, therapeutic grade oils* 

Carrier Oils:
  • Grapeseed
  • Argan
  • Golden Jojoba
  • Vitamin E
Essential Oils:
  • Italian Blood Orange
  • Himalayan Cedarwood
  • French Lavender

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